Nepal is one of the world’s most popular adventures destination. You can visit Nepal to enjoy its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, towering pagodas, spectacular Himalayan ranges with world’s highest peak and more. Travel in Nepal is to convert your dream into reality. You can reward yourself by choosing numerous possibilities to explore Nepal , trekking tours such as trekking, climbing and mountaineering expeditions, white water rafting, bird watching, wildlife safari. It has also attraction with different flora and faunas.

Activities in Nepal


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Undertaking an expedition and climbing the Himalaya is a dream of many mountaineers around the world. Containing more than 1300 peaks over 6000 meter and eight of the highest peaks..

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Hiking and Trekking

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Well known as one of the best countries and areas to do trekking, Nepal offers the real beauty of trekking and hiking through wonderful nature. For the beginning hiker there..

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Jungle Safari Tour

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Chitwan National Park The Royal Chitwan National Park has 6 premier jungle resorts scattered inside its boundaries. These secluded resorts are the perfect place to experience the true safari atmosphere..

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Peak Climbing

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For many mountaineers worldwide, climbing the Himalayas is their dream. With more than 1300 peaks and the world’s highest mountains in its possession, Nepal can make those dreams come true...

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Sight Seeing Tour

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